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Fields of action

Wednesday 22 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter

While the team at ElefantAsia work on many varied and diverse projects, all can be considered to have one thing in common – to protect and conserve the Asian elephant in Laos for future generations to enjoy. ElefantAsia succeeds in achieving these targets this by focussing efforts in three major directions:

- Elephant Veterinary Care.
- Elephant Education.
- Alternative incomes .

All projects and programs work on a grassroots level, meaning that we spending a large proportion of our time working in rural areas of Laos alongside elephant owners and mahouts. This is to ensure their needs and concerns are met and our goals and objectives are all similar.

- 1. Elephant Veterinary Care

The tradition of using domesticated elephants for small-scale logging and village work spans centuries in Laos. However over the past several decades the logging industry has expanded, thus making small-scale employment now full time, very intensive and dangerous for elephants and their owners. Logging accidents are becoming more and more frequent, with elephants suffering terrible health problems associated with overworking in substandard conditions. This includes abscesses, lesions, major injuries and more preventable ailments. ElefantAsia’s two Mobile Veterinary Units travel throughout Laos providing free veterinary care to elephants and healthcare training to elephant owners and mahouts.

- Read more about ElefantAsia’s Elephant Veterinary Care here.
- Learn about our breeding incentives here.
- Read the 2009 Vet Health Care report here.
- Donate to help our vets help the elephants.
- See images of our vets at work here.

- 2. Elephant Education

Laos lacks a great deal of readily-available literature regarding environmental education and the needs and ways to protect this nation’s beautiful fauna & flora. ElefantAsia believe that providing free elephant information to all generations, particularly the youngest is vital in making people understand the urgent need to protect Asian elephants in Laos.

Our team has travelled throughout Laos distributing environmental education relating to Asian elephant biology, culture and the threats facing this species. Learn more about our Elephant Education campaigns at the links below:

- Click here to see our Children’s Book.
- Click here to read about our Elephant Book Parties.
- Click here to donate to our Elephant Education campaigns.

- 3. Alternative incomes

While logging supplies many elephant owners with steady employment, it is not a sustainable or an environmentally friendly source of income. Tragically the work carried out by these elephants contributes directly to the destruction of their natural habitat. The development of responsible tourism activities supplies mahouts with an income without destroying the natural environment. More importantly, ecotourism as an economic alternative to logging is much more favourable for the health and reproduction requirements of elephants. Ecotourism does not demand strenuous physical effort which is likely to interfere with a cow’s pregnancy, nor the growth and wellbeing of an elephant calf during its infant years.

ElefantAsia has designed responsible elephant treks using ex-logging elephants in stunning parts of rural Laos. Many of the elephant involved in these treks are part of ElefantAsia’s “Baby Bonus” breeding incentive.

- Read more about ElefantAsia’s Baby Bonus breeding incentive here.
- Read more about Responsible Tourism here.
- Book an eco-friendly elephant trek in Laos using ex-logging elephants here.
- See images of our elephant treks here

- You can download ElefantAsia’s brochure by clicking on the document icon below

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- 4. The Elephant Festival

The Elephant Festival has become synonymous with ElefantAsia. Occurring each February in the Sayaboury Province of Laos, the elephant festivals are major income generating activities for people living in this poor and remote region. Not just being a great place to learn about Lao culture and the historical ties between humans and elephants, the Elephant Festival is a great place to party with the jumbos!

- Read more about the Elephant Festivals here.
- See images from previous Elephant Festivals here.

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