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Chhattisgarh to provide habitat to rogue elephants

dimanche 23 octobre 2005

Faced with the problem of elephant intrusions from neighbouring states of Jharkhand and Orissa, the Chhattisgarh government is considering providing a natural habitat for pachyderms in the forests near here in Korba district.

About 100 odd elephants, which strayed into the state in search of food and water, have unleashed terror in about 132 villages spread over Jashpur, Raigarh, Sarguja and Korba districts and the state government’s efforts to check the elephant menace has been in vain for many years.

As the problem persisted, the forest department has identified a 40 square KM area in the forests of Lemru, under Kudmura forest range, to provide a natural habitat to the elephants.

’’If the proposal takes off, we can adopt these elephants and give them a Chhattisgarhi identity’’ , says Mr Arun Pandey, Divisional Forest Officer of Korba forest circle.

Pointing out that the Lemru forest was suitable for elephants, he said a herd of about 16 wild elephants was already in these forests for nearly last two years . ’’These elephants neither ventured outside the forests nor caused any disturbance in the neighbouring villages’’, he added.

However, other herds of elephants, which are roaming in Raigarh, Sarguja and Jashpur districts, have wreacked havoc in the villages, posing threat to life and property. These elephants could be pushed to Lemru forests, which is a suitable habitat for the tuskers, Mr Pandey added.

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