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Adopt an elephant

Thursday 30 June 2011, by Gilles Maurer

ElefantAsia’s Mobile Vet Unit travels to remotes areas of Laos to treat sick and injured elephants every single month. In this Least-Developed Nation all our veterinary services are provided for free.

These elephants are often suffering from curable conditions, but given their remote location suffer needlessly from abscesses, eye disorders, parasitic worms and other disorders easily treated by our Vet Unit.

Our Mobile Vet Unit is the only travelling veterinary service in Laos. While we love what we do, costs are increasingly expensive. The price of petrol, medication, treatment and mahout training all add up, making the Mobile Vet Unit an invaluable yet expensive project to maintain.

Our Mobile Vet Unit visits each domesticated elephant in Laos on average twice a year. During each visit detailed medical reports are documented by our staff regarding the health, condition and wellbeing of each elephant. We are able to follow up on previous medical conditions, and make sure sick elephants are given appropriate treatment and attention.

Help us help the elephants by sponsoring the veterinary care of an elephant. For €60 our Mobile Vet Unit can treat your elephant for an entire year. Your elephant will receive medical treatment (if needed), and its owner will receive an Elephant First Aid Kit and elephant care training. You will receive your own Certificate of Sponsorship, and updates about your elephant each time we visit it.

Below is a list of this month’s elephants needing adoption:

Bouaban is a 27 year old, male elephant living in a small village in the Sayaboury District of Laos. Bouaban was selected as Laos’ “Elephant of the Year” in 2008!
In 2009, Bouaban had an unfortunate accident and broke his rear leg. ElefantAsia’s Vet Team has been taking care of him since. You can support Bouaban in 2011 to help us covering the cost of medical care and follow up.
At 30 years old, Mae Xay has proven herself to be a very valuable logging Elephant and a loved member of her owner’s family. In December, 2010 her owner Nom Sounakange set her free in the forest so that she could take a well deserved break. Mae Xay was found with a very large abscess on her tail from being bitten by a large male elephant. According to ElefantAsia’s Vet Team Mae Xay remains in a “scared” mood and her abscess requires maintenance to ensure proper healing. Sponsorship of Mae Xay will ensure that she receives necessary treatments for recovery.
Sinouan got his name for the color of his beautiful tusks. Sinouan literally means the “the color of the inside of a white fruit” and his large tusks are indeed reminiscent of coconut flesh. At 20 years old, Sinouan is a well trained elephant who works with tourists along the Mekong River for six months of the year. Previously Sinouan was employed in the logging industry but new found work in tourism makes Sinouan and his owner Mr. Luangkhuang happy because it is easier work. He has a long life ahead of him if he is kept healthy. Recently, the ElefantAsia Vet Team found an abscess on his back that requires daily withdrawal of pus and cleaning and also requires that Sinouan work less. Sponsoring Sinouan will provide the medical treatment necessary for him to recover back to his energetic self.

Please specify below which elephant you wish to adopt. We will send you your certificate and elephant updates soon after. Sponsoring an elephant adds up to a minimum of 60 euros.

PS : if you would like to renew your adoption, please indicate below : "Renew Name of the elephant ". For instance : "Renew Mae Kham". Thank you for your support !

Name of the sponsored elephant

You can also send your donation by bank transfer


IBAN------- FR76 1027 8060 4100 0336 9824 183



Rest assured your donation of €60 will greatly improve the health of a domesticated elephant in Laos, as well as capacity build the knowledge of elephant owners and mahouts.

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For further information regarding adopting an elephant, please contact info@elefantasia.org

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