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Our Children’s Book

Friday 24 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter

ElefantAsia are pleased to announce the publication of our children’s story book Keo’s friend, the Elephant.

This book is published in the Lao language and describes the relationship between a small girl (Keo), her domesticated elephant, and its’ wild cousin. The book explores the problem of human-elephant conflicts and discusses ways of resolving this. Sounds serious, don’t worry, it is also fun! This beautiful book contains colourful pictures, activities, games for children to play, a pull-out poster and many odd and interesting ele-facts and figures.

While human-elephant conflicts are not as prevalent in Laos as in nations such as India, they are still occurring in areas where human settlement now encroach traditional elephant habitats. Elephants are forced to share space with communities expanding their agriculture, infrastructure and settlement needs. Clashes between humans and elephants can have devastating impacts and sometimes lead to death on either side.

ElefantAsia intend to distribute Keo’s friend, the Elephant for free to schools and youth centres throughout Laos, particularly focussing on provinces and districts home to wild or domesticated elephants. We hope our book will show younger generations that elephants and people both have the same wishes in life– to have enough food to feed their families, a place to call home, and the chance to live in peace.

The availability of reading books throughout Laos is vital in improving literacy rates for children living in rural and remote areas of Laos. Keo’s friend, the Elephant is aimed at children aged 6 – 12 and is an exciting way to learn how to read, as well as install environmental values in future generations of decision makers. Other likeminded organisations helping to distribute our book throughout Laos include WWF, WCS, Big Brother Mouse, Shanti Volunteers and Room to Read.

Going one step further, ElefantAsia and Big Brother Mouse will be delivering books by elephant! Not as crazy as it sounds, elephants still remains a sure-fire method of transportation during Laos’ long and muddy wet season.

ElefantAsia currently have enough funds to print 1000 copies of Keo’s friend, the Elephant.

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- Learn more about ElefantAsia’s environmental awareness campaigns
- Download a free copy of Keo’s friend, the elephant and the accompanying game & poster! Just click on the PDF icons by each image.

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