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Corridors for elephants only way to avoid conflict with humans

lundi 16 janvier 2006

Minister for Environment and Forests Thiru A. Raja today called for intensifying government and non-government efforts for securing safe corridors for elephants to avoid the pachyderm’s conflict with humans and conserve the wildlife species.

Mr Raja was speaking after releasing a book titled ’Right of Passage : Elephant Corridors of India’, a compilation of identified corridors in ten major elephant bearing states brought out by the Wildlife Trust of India.

He said that though efforts were being made to mitigate the problem of human-elephant conflict by erecting electric fences, stone walls and digging trenches around human habitations, the conflict continues due to fragmentation or degradation of habitat forcing the elephants to come in contact with the populated areas.

Mr Raja said the Government has released Rs. 13.33 crore for Project Elephant during the current financial year in addition to the financial support extended to elephant areas through other programmes.

While assuring all help from the Government, the Minister called for a combined effort by all those concerned, both government and non-governmental organisations to address the vital issue of elephant conservation by way of secured corridors.

The Minister complimented the Wildlife Trust of India for such an initiative to address a major issue of elephant conservation which he said could lead to the resolution of the human-elephant conflict.

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