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Wild elephants show sign of following ‘Kunki’ instructions

mardi 6 septembre 2005

The forest officials heaved a sigh of relief after nearly five days of struggle as the three wild elephants have shown the first sign of following the instructions of the trained ‘Kunki’ tuskers in Kodshel village this evening.

The operations which was suspended for three days was re-started this morning.

Forest officials said that the operations took six hours and it received its first success near Kellim village, which falls between Pirna and Adwalpal village.

The forest officials opined that if the same trend continues the ‘Kunki’ elephant would be able to bring out the wild tuskers from their hide-outs.

In view of wild elephant had started dogging the ‘Kunkis’ the forest officials had thought of tranquilizing the wild tuskers and two experts from Bangalore and Mysore are scheduled to arrive in Goa tomorrow.

The officials said that the terrain where the wild elephants are hiding is not suitable for tranquilizing them.

Five forest personnel especially Rahim (head Mahout, Karnataka), Raju (Assistant mahout, Karnataka), Afroz (Mahout, Bondla), RFOs, Mr Prakash Parab, Mr Vishwas Chodankar and Mr Anil Shetgaonkar took pain to comb the area since August 11 along with nearly 100 personnel from forest department.

The Maharashtra Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF) has expressed his desire to join the mission undertaken jointly by Goa and Karnataka. The Maharashtra forest officials along with Goa officials are busy in tracking the route from where these three elephants entered into the habitat in Goa. The length of the route to take back these three wild elephants is stated to be nearly 35 kms.

Meanwhile,, in view of the difficult terrain three forest personnel sustained injuries during the operation, besides one Karnataka personnel sustained mild heart attack.

Panaji Aug 17 : NT Staff Reporter

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