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Latest addition : 17 August 2010.

Expand your thirst for discovery by consulting our archives of the annual Elephant Festival, the missions of the Mobile Veterinary Clinic.....or by plunging into our collection of strange and unusual elephant documents.

  • Elephant Stamps

    17 August 2010, by Ingrid Suter
    The Asian elephant is possibly Laos’ most ionic, precious and respected species. This is demonstrated in the Government’s issuing of elephant postage stamps. Using images from ElefantAsia’s (...)
  • Caravan Xang

    21 April 2008, by ElefantAsia
    Between January and April 2002, ElefantAsia’s caravan of four noble and determined elephants meandered 300km of Laos’ beautiful countryside. Through remote villages and big cities, their passage (...)
  • Mahout & Lao culture

    20 April 2008, by ElefantAsia
    Within Laos the tradition of domesticated elephant ownership spans back centuries. Used for small-scale village work, selective timber extraction and agricultural transportation, Asian elephants (...)
  • Lao Culture

    19 April 2008, by Ingrid Suter
    Lao history is intricately entwined with the Asian elephant. Until 1975 the Kingdom of Laos was known as Lang Xang, translated as the “Land of a million elephants”. But perhaps it is the religious (...)
  • Elephant Taming

    18 April 2008, by ElefantAsia, Ingrid Suter
    To tame an elephant does not mean to dominate an elephant with physical fear. A skilled mahout uses verbal commands and positive reinforcement to forge a lifelong bond between themselves and (...)
  • Elephant Festival images

    17 April 2008, by Ingrid Suter
    From humble beginnings in 2007, the annual Elephant Festival is now firmly placed on Laos’ must-see list of destinations. Based in the cultural heartland of domesticated elephant ownership and (...)
  • Lao elephant treks

    1 April 2008, by ElefantAsia
    ElefantAsia believes in supporting the reconversion of logging elephants into more sustainable forms of employment for their owners. This includes elephant trekking – which when done to high (...)
  • Vets at work

    27 November 2007, by ElefantAsia
    Veterinarians and staff at ElefantAsia have their work cut out for them. All team members work under extremely trying conditions such as remote locations; very high temperatures and with only (...)

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