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Latest addition : 28 June 2011.

ElefantAsia concentrates efforts in three main directions:- elephant veterinary care, educational/environmental awareness and economic viability for mahouts. ElefantAsia have developed a highly specialised mobile veterinary care unit; we continue to carry out public awareness campaigns and environmental education. We keep all factors in mind while developing sustainable economic solutions that will ensure both jobs for mahouts and the survival of the Asian elephant.

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- Awareness raising about the endangered status of the Asian elephant through environmental education campaigns;
- The development of health care programs that vets and elephant owners can undertake to improve domesticated elephant health in Laos;
- The development of viable and sustainable economic alternativesfor elephants and mahouts working in the logging industry.

ElefantAsia provides district veterinary technicians with a greater knowledge and skill base to perform of elephant health care. ElefantAsia’s mobile vet unit provides medical care to domesticated elephants as well as hands-on training to mahouts. Currently ElefantAsia undertake a systematic inventory of domesticated elephants living in the Sayaboury, Champassak and Vientiane provinces. Our mobile vet unit welcomes veterinarians from all over the world that may be willing to acquire hands-on field experience with Asian elephants. To complement the mobile veterinary unit, have also launched a national breeding program, the Baby Bonus program.

Currently ElefantAsia produces educational books and posters to children living in Laos. Our Lao elephant documentary was a big success, as well as our elephant museum in the tourist city of Luang Prabang.

To help the transition from logging to more environmentally friendly ventures, ElefantAsia have created the Lao Mahouts Association. This organisation aims to develop quality ecotourism activities for mahouts and their elephants. Elephant trekking is one example of the activities we promote, with a percentage of money raised from trekking used to cover mobile vet unit expenses. We can also recommend quality tourist camps currently employing domesticated elephants.

  • 2009 Heathcare Report

    28 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter
  • Our Children’s Book

    24 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter
    ElefantAsia are pleased to announce the publication of our children’s story book Keo’s friend, the Elephant.
  • Fields of action

    22 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter
    While the team at ElefantAsia work on many varied and diverse projects, all can be considered to have one thing in common – to protect and conserve the Asian elephant in Laos for future (...)
  • Elephant First Aid Kits

    22 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter
    The team at ElefantAsia are celebrating the distribution of “Elephant First Aid Kits” to mahouts throughout the Sayaboury Province of Laos.
  • Breeding

    20 June 2011, by Gilles Maurer
    Today in Laos the domesticated elephant population only has 2 births for every 10 deaths. The main cause for decline is because they are rarely given the opportunity to reproduce. ElefantAsia has (...)
  • Elephant book parties

    3 June 2011, by Ingrid Suter
    Who said elephants & mice don’t get along? ElefantAsia team up with Big Brother Mouse to deliver reading books by elephant!
  • Jumbo Ambulance

    21 April 2011, by Ingrid Suter
    Most of the 500 domesticated elephants of Laos live in remote areas of the country. Mahouts live in the forest with their elephants to source timber for hauling. Despite these geographical (...)
  • Public awareness

    19 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    Below are just some examples of the grassroots educational projects ElefantAsia is involved with in Laos.
  • Fair Tourism

    18 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    Most domesticated elephants in Laos are employed in the lucrative logging industry. While profitable for mahouts, the work is extremely hard going and elephants often become sick or injured. (...)
  • The Elephant Festival

    17 April 2008, by ElefantAsia
    In cooperation with the National Tourism Authority, ElefantAsia has organised the Elephant Festival each year since 2007.

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