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Elephant herd guards pregnant pachyderm (India)

lundi 30 novembre 2009

Coimbatore, Nov 30 (PTI) In a touching instance of animal bonding, a herd of elephants has been guarding a fully pregnant pachyderm for past few days in Amaravathi forest area of the district to prevent it from being attacked by other wild animals.

While one group moves around this elephant monitoring her movement and preventing possible attacks by other elephants and wild animals, others go and fetch food and water and come back by evening.

Forest department officials said pregnant elephants remain in an area where they can get adequate water and the herd supplies it with food.

Meanwhile, the forest department has issued a warning to tourists travelling by Udumalpet-Chinnar road, since a number of wild animals, particularly panthers and wild boars have started crossing it and other roads to drink water around Amaravathi and Tirumurthy hills.

Press Trust of India November 30, 2009

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