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Elephant hits electric fence in Bangladesh, dies

lundi 27 mars 2006

A wild elephant died after it hit an electric fence illegally built by Bangladeshi farmers around their croplands, officials said on Sunday.

Other elephants of the herd later destroyed a house and many fruit-bearing trees in the area, in the country’s southeastern jungles.

"The elephant was electrocuted as a herd came from the forest in search of food," senior forest official Oboni Kumar Tagore said.

Three elephants have been killed around the same forest in the last two months. Elephants have killed eight people, destroyed homes and crops during the same period.

Bangladesh, one of the world’s most densely populated nations, has a forest cover of 17.5 percent.

Bangladesh has nearly 400 elephants, including 100 captive elephants. The number was 1,000 some two decades ago, forest officials said.

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