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Corridor destruction, elephants stray into Orissa villages

vendredi 4 novembre 2005

Sarat Pradhan of Burukina village finds it risky to venture out of his home after the sunset as a herd of elephants, not seen in five years, are on prowl in his village.

This is the scenario in village Burukina and adjoining 5 villages situated in Samal-Pabitranagar areas in Angul district.

All this attributed to the destruction of natural corridors of elephant population across the state, which compels the pachyderms to stray into human habitat areas, wildlife experts said.

The elephant corridors, existing from time immemorial linking khalasuni (Rairakhol)- Satkosia-Kapilash-Keonjhar and Similipal, are now a thing of the past due to operation of iron mines, train lines, National Highways, Rengali Irrigation Projects and its south and north canals.

A herd of elephants normally walks upto 100 to 150 square kms a day. Earlier, elephants from Satkosia would take either of the two routes through Kapilash and Keonjhar covering Narasinghpur, Hindol and Pallahara to reach Similipal or vice versa. Elephants from Khalasuni forest range, on the other hand, used the Satkosia route to reach Kapilash and beyond. The rapid industralisation and urbanisation had disturbed the elephant corridors in Orissa, restricting their movement.

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