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After tigers, elephants are now endangered : Wildlife group

lundi 27 mars 2006

After the reduction in the number of tigers in Sariska, poachers are now targeting elephants in the Terai region, a group active in the wildlife protection claimed today.

After the formation of the State of Uttaranchal as per Forest Department’s records, 90 elephants have been killed, Himalayan Chipko Foundation said.

"At this rate we won’t have any elephants in Uttaranchal in the next 25 years," it said in a release.

The foundation said the foothills of the Himalayas and the Terai region still have dense forests which are ideal habitat for elephants.

However, poachers have steadily strengthened their operation in Uttaranchal and Terai region, it said.

The foundation claimed that in Jim Corbett National Park, more than seven bulls had been killed. "Their trunks were severed and tusks removed after brutally cutting the face," it claimed adding "unfortunately in the Forest Department’s records the cause of death is not known in many cases."

Though ivory trade has been banned in many countries, it still has a "clandestine market" catering to the rich, it said adding "Pieces of art are also made of the bones of elephants".

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