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Lao elephant treks

Tuesday 1 April 2008, by ElefantAsia

ElefantAsia believes in supporting the reconversion of logging elephants into more sustainable forms of employment for their owners. This includes elephant trekking – which when done to high standards is a fantastic opportunity for elephants to breed while Laos’ forested areas remain intact.

Support the reconversion of logging elephants into tourism by undertaking an Elephant Adventures elephant trek. Elephant Adventures only employs ex-logging elephants and their owners for treks through the pristine forests, valleys and rivers of the Sayaboury region.

Visit the Elephant Adventures website to learn more about these authentic treks and to book your once in a lifetime experience in the cultural heartland of elephant ownership in Laos.

See the images below of just some of the beautiful images you will experience during your ethically responsible elephant trek with Elephant Adventures.

ElefantAsia supports responsible tourism ventures that safeguard the Asian elephant.

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