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Who we are

Latest addition : 25 June 2011.

Founded in 2001 by Sebastien Duffillot & Gilles Maurer ElefantAsia utilises the knowledge of international experts from around the world including the President of ElefantAsia Dr Norin Chai, senior veterinarian at the French National Museum of Natural History.

Much of our work is conducted in the Sayaboury Province of Laos, a region home to 75% of the nation’s domesticated elephant population and one of Laos’ largest remaining wild elephant populations. With the traditional mahout culture still alive and active in Sayaboury, ElefantAsia strives to achieve a balance between wildlife utilization and effective species conservation and breeding.

Click on the links below to read more about who we are and what our main programs entail.

  • Elephants and ElefantAsia

    25 June 2011, by ElefantAsia
    ElefantAsia is a non-profit organisation dedicated towards the conservation and protection of the Asian elephant in Laos. Only 1500 Asian elephants remain in Laos with 500 of these used for (...)
  • Board

    21 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    The board of ElefantAsia is based in Paris, France. Dr. Norin Chai, veterinary director at Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes, heads the organisation.
  • The team in Lao PDR

    20 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    ElefantAsia is hosted by the National Animal Health Center in Vientiane. Since 2006, the association is providing technical assistance to the livestock department and Lao mahouts through an (...)
  • Contact us

    19 April 2011, by Contact
    Contact us through mail, phone, or email.
  • The beginning

    18 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    To help save the Asian elephant, ElefantAsia’s team had to do something dramatic. Our 1,300km Elephant Caravan drew public attention to the vanishing emblematic animal of Lao, a country once known (...)
  • Partners

    17 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    Discover our partners without whom we would not do anything worth talking about.
  • Annual reports

    16 April 2011, by ElefantAsia
    You can find ElefantAsia’s Annual Reports here (French only)

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