Elephant Mobile Clinic, Laos

Working in the remotest of areas to save elephants.

What future?

We promote the conversion of logging elephants to more humane activities.

Morning bath in Nam Hung river, Laos

providing welfare training to newer generations of mahouts.

Face to face with the giant

Conserving elephants for future generations.

Happy cow in Sayaboury Conservation Center

We say NO to abuse and exploitation.

Trunks Up at Elephant festival

Working with mahout communities to promote better animal welfare.

Pagoda doors, Laos

An iconic symbol in Asia.

ElefantAsia's Elephant Mobile Libraries

Help promote literacy and species conservation.

Mobile Clinics

Support free veterinary care for sick and injured elephants.

Hongsa Elephant master, Laos

Mahoutship is an age-old tradition.


Mitigating human-elephant conflict.

Blessing of elephant by a Lao monk

Revered in Buddhist culture.

Elephants aiming towards the Mekong River, Laos

Can you imagine a world with elephants?

Playful calves at the Elephant Conservation Center, Laos

The future of elephants lies in your hands

Po Nan Chan, elephant master, Hongsa district, Laos

We support local communities and their elephants.

Mahout and his elephant in the Hongsa district of Laos

We won't let the sun set on the Asian elephant

Welcome to our site

A new tool for conservation

ElefantAsia is proud to present their new website dedicated to the conservation of Asian elephants. Learn more about the features of our website and how YOU can contribute to the protection of Asia's giants.

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The Asian Elephant

Can you imagine a world without elephants? This reality is closer than you think, for the Asian elephant, elephas maximus, anyway. Today there are thought to be as few 30,000 – 40,000 Asian elephants remaining in the wild, this being less than one-tenth of the African elephant population.

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Our vision

For over a decade, ElefantAsia has employed a pragmatic approach to elephant conservation, actively listening to mahouts, elephant owners and conservationists in order to better understand and appreciate the challenges of elephant conservation in Asia. Click on the picture to learn more.

Why us?

Conservation according to ElefantAsia

The ElefantAsia team is made up of a small group of people dedicated to the conservation of the Asian elephant. As an organisation, we work hard to keep our administration costs to a minimum, meaning more of your money goes to where it needs to be - helping the elephants.

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